Climb a mountain top

Bag your favorite peak

The feeling you have when standing on top of your favorite mountain, after having climbed every step of it is simply overwhelming. Which peak do you fancy but never dared to do it? We will work out a plan to realize your dream. In order to write your own success story, preparation is the key. Our highly experienced, licensed mountain guides will coach you step by step and give you the necessary training. 

For your convenience

We’ll take care of your flight, pick-ups and accommodation on and off the mountain. Let us take care of all necessary arrangements so you can purely focus on your goal and prepare for your mountaineering project.

Your gear

You might already have some gear being a passionate mountaineer or you might not, just starting to become one. In any case, we will discuss all prerequisites and will rent or buy the necessary equipment with/for you.

Your skills

Depending on the peak or wall you want to climb, you must have the appropriate physical condition. For more ambitious goals, your guide might take you on some acclimatization tours first, before conquering your project with you. Newbees welcome!


Of course you would want your video and pictures taken of your personal achievement! A professional photographer/film maker will follow you and put you in the lime light!

Have you ever fancied climbing your favorite mountain? Now is the time!

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